The program includes:

  • a movie of a car vs motorcycle accident
  • accident broken down into time slices
  • distracted driving near misses
  • increased reaction times when distracted
  • Inattentive video test

Our Certified Instructors are: Garry "2R" Canaday (Tonkawa), Lotus Dunn (Midwest City), Quentin "Q" Dunn (Midwest City),  and Art Ryan (Spavinaw, OK).  Our Share the Road Administrator is Kim Mobley (OKC).

If you are interested in your company having a "Share the Road" presentation, or learning more about becoming a certified instructor, please contact Art Ryan at 816-807-2547.

Safety & Awareness


ABATE of Oklahoma began our "Share the Road" program in earnest with our first public display on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 to the Sperry, OK high school. The new program will be rolling out to other schools and safety programs across the state of Oklahoma in the coming months.
Each chapter of ABATE of Oklahoma will be given instructor training courses and receive certifications insuring there are certified instructions in multiple areas of the state so that the program can be shared with as much of the state as possible.
If your school system or safety program would like to have the "SHARE the ROAD" program brought to you, please contact Art Ryan at 816-807-2547 to discuss the matter.​